Ever feel like your suspension is not performing the way it used to? Tired of your dropper post not rising like it’s supposed to?
Wet Seal helps breathe life back into your suspension and dropper posts! A couple drops around the seals of your fork, shock, or dropper is all you need to greatly reduce stiction and increase the feel and performance.
Just like lubing your chain, Wet Seal is an important maintenance item. By using Wet Seal you are keeping your seals lubricated and protected from dirt and debris; thus greatly extending both the life of your seals and suspension.
Formulated with the help of “The Suspension Experts” in Asheville, NC, Wet Seal is safe to use with any fork, shock, or seat post and is a must for those who want to make sure their bike is performing at its best.

Miles Wide Wet Seal

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“Keeping your Fork Seals in good order is vital for performance and for care for your single most expensive moving part on your bike, although this bottle is small you only need a couple of drops so it will last a good while, let the oil run around the edge of the seal, compress the fork several times and you should see a nice thin dirty line where the trapped dirt has been drawn up by the oil, wipe off the excess and there you have it, your forks are now slipperier than a Duck on a frozen lake, now go grab a beer, you’ve earned it.”