TowWhee Bungee Tow Strap

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The Tow-Whee’s main purpose is to allow you to tether to a 2nd rider without having a threat of it dangling into your wheels when they get closer to you. It adds a soft progressive pull as they get further behind & will bottom out gently & safely at its max. The bungee tension & length have been customized to fit adventure sports so they are far enough back to see the trail but close enough to deal with technical terrain. It is for uphill only and needs to be disconnected before going down.

I have used it successfully in reverse with my 6 year old at a bike park as a braking device. I hooked it to his seat & the front of my frame & helped him stay under control when his braking hand got tired. I also use it when xc or tour skiing to keep the kids with me as we head up. It can even be a dog leash Eric Landis – Inventor of Tow-Whee

This simple & lightweight tow strap contains a military grade bungee cord inside a 680kg rated webbing. It only weighs 140g & has been designed to keep the strap from dangling into bike wheels while adding a very soft pulling feel for the second rider.

See also the Tow-Whee Quick Loop accessory for faster release and re-attachment

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