The perfect cycling sock doesn’t need to be very complicated to perform outstandingly and look good at same time. Our new Perfecto sock does just that. Developed and made in Italy adapting old-school machines to produce the finest possible yarn of cool, hydrophobic microfibre, the Perfecto redefines high performance road cycling socks with its minimal silhouette and bi-color design to look cool and perform great under any shoe. Thanks to finer yarn that allow a thinner yet compact sock and built-in anti-blister treatment that substitute for bulkier heel and toe pads, plus and oversized built-in reflective stripe all-around guarantees maximum visibility; key features: super visible 3M reflective stripe; soft microfibre construction; reinforced, anti-friction stitches; anti-blister finish; ventilated front structure; slightly higher leg; spf factor 50 .

Shoes (EU)
S 36 – 39
M 40 – 43
L 44 – 47

De Marchi Perfecto Lux Socks

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$31.90 rrp