Spiral Frame Protectors for use on cable-gear, brake & hose

• Fibrax spiral frame protectors have been developed for use on any cable – Gear, Brake & Hose.
• Simply wrap around the casing where it touches the frame and the job is done.
• 150 Pack in black
• Will also dampen vibrational noise

FCM3005 Fibrax Spiral Frame Protector x150 Black

$330.00 rrp

Only 1 left in stock

Road.cc – “The alternative to covering the cables like this is to protect the frame from them with helicopter tape. I prefer Fibrax’s solution because it deals with the problem at source. You don’t have to work out where the cables could connect the frame and then cut out and fit a sticky see-through polygon to match that; you just need to cover the cable wherever it might connect”
Lets Ride – “It’ll protect your frame from friction and thus, leave no scratches. Nice, cheap and practical.”
What Mountain Bike – “They’re one of our favourite things of the year… and now we stick them on every bike straight out of the box”

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