Ride out against the headwind. The GripGrab Windbreaking Short Sleeve Base Layer is the protection and comfort you need for cycling in challenging weather conditions. Employing the innovative Arrowind™ technology, this exciting new base layer pushes the boundaries in combining wind protection, best-in-class breathability, and great freedom of movement. Many windproof base layers feature a second-layer panel of non-stretch windproof membrane material on the front that can restrict movement and lead to heat build-up. The GripGrab Windbreaking Short Sleeve Base Layer, however, employs a new single-layer wind-resistant fabric that is exceptionally breathable and flexible. The windbreaking fabric on the front and shoulders blocks up to 80 percent of the air particles that bombard your torso while maintaining the same breathability found in warp-knitted fabrics. The back of this base layer is made from ultra-breathable, high-stretch material which wicks away sweat and allows heat build-up to dissipate. The combined result is protection and heat control that keeps you comfortable on your ride. To keep you fresh and odour-free, it features Polygiene® treatment. Its ‘Wear More. Wash Less®’ technology uses silver ions to reduce the build-up of odour-inducing bacteria. The treatment is entirely safe to wear against the skin and doesn’t wash out. Reduced bacteria build-up leads to reduced odour and therefore reduced washing frequency, meaning that Polygiene® can also significantly extend the life of a base layer and minimize its environmental impact. The GripGrab Windbreaking Short Sleeve Base Layer allows you to leave your gilet at home and enjoy a lightweight setup on windy days.

GripGrab Windbreaking Short Sleeve Base Layer

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