• EverClear Roll is 12M (MicroMeters) thick and offers 50mm x 1.5m  of high quality protection film.
  • Its designed to protect your frame against rock chips to cable rubs and everything in-between.
  • Use on vulnerable areas such as the underside of the frame from rock damage.
    • Chainstays due to bouncing chain.
    • Crank Arms to protect against heel scuffs.
    • Bike Hire centres wanting a great value way of protecting their fleet.

    ​In fact, EverClear Rolls are great just about anywhere, however for curvy areas you will find might find warming the tape with a hairdryer will help the tape to shape to the curves of frame tubes.

    ​12M thickness

    Roll size is 2″ wide by 5 feet long continuous roll.

    Choose from Matt or Glossy finish.


  • First clean the surface where you intend to install the frame protection film.
  • Second, DRY the area and make sure there are zero specs of dirt or dust.
  • Third, apply the film and press firmly starting in the middle and working your towards the edge.
  • If a bubbles appears just push the bubble towards the edge of the film so that trapped air is released.

Miles Wide EverClear Frame Protector Roll

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